Medicare Open Enrollment: Peace of Mind with Medicare Coverage

Having health insurance with covered benefits that you can count on can bring peace of mind. If you have Medicare, you get benefits like:

Medicare also covers a yearly wellness visit. This is a great chance to sit down with your doctor and talk about your needs – and address small health concerns before they become big ones. You can keep track of your preventive services and get reminders for them at

Most people with Medicare also have access to Medicare Advantage Plans. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will still get all the Medicare-covered services, but you may also get extra benefits like vision, hearing, dental coverage, prescription drugs, or extended coverage when you travel. You may be able to lower your out-of-pocket costs too. Because costs and coverage vary, it’s important to compare plans before choosing one.

Medicare Open Enrollment is the time to think about and decide what benefits you need to meet your health care needs. Use the Medicare Plan Finder to look at all of the health and drug plan options in your area.

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