HTC One M9 review

A beautiful, well-refined Android smartphone phone finds itself — and its manufacturer — fighting against the current once again.

There’s a great exchange in an episode of _The West Wing_ in which a political operative played by the late Ron Silver explains the delicacy involved in removing a piece of kelp from a perfectly shaped racing boat. There’s a fine balance between removing what’s dragging you down and causing even more drag in the process. There’s a sense that we’re seeing a bit of that in the new HTC One M9, the latest flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. On one hand you’ve got the continuation of a product line that for the previous two generations has been lauded as a shining example of what can be done in a five-inch space. Great hardware. Great software. Excellent performance. And one pretty major sticking point.

And in a nutshell that sums up the M9, and our M9 review. There’s a lot here you’re going to find familiar. (Especially if you read our epic M9 preview.) And some of the new stuff has us scratching our heads a little and in fact raises questions that we might not be able to answer without more long-term use. Let’s get into it.


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