The HTC Re camera: An AC editor roundtable

Here’s what we think about HTC’s RE camera now that we’ve used it a bit.

When HTC announced the RE camera in the fall of 2014, plenty of people were curious. HTC is branching out and building “lifestyle” products (their words, not mine) and started with an accessory that was odd-looking, yet intriguing. It didn’t look like a handheld camera (or even a GoPro), but it had a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens and a promise of being able to take great pictures. We all had to try it.

Fast forward a few months, now that we all have had a while to give the RE camera a real-life workout, and it’s time we gave our long-term impression about the handheld camera that looks like an asthma inhaler.

Strap in and have a read.


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